I am convinced the difference between an extremely successful individual (or organization) and a moderately successful one is time management.  It is possible to “do it all” if you simply manage your time.


I have always advocated a 15 /7/2 approach.  Think about it.  You need 7 hours sleep a night, and you should spend at least 2 hours per day on your physical health and well being (exercising, etc).  That leaves 15 hours each day to do whatever you want to do.


Assuming you have a normal job, you are probably working 8 of those hours.  OK…that still leaves 7 hours.  You can do a whole lot in 7 hours.  You can pursue a hobby, spend time with Family and friends, or work on improving yourself by reading / studying.


What I see is lots of folks spending those 7 hours “vegetating”.  They get stuck in TV, or social media, and can’t escape.  The key is avoiding those things all together.  They will “suck you in” and the next thing you know you wasted all that time.


I recommend you plan your day , everyday.  Have an hour by hour schedule as to how you are going to spend your time….then execute that plan.  You’ll be glad you did.