Sarah and I travel a lot, both inside and outside the US. The trips allow us the opportunity to see things outside of our own community, and I am not sure I like what I see.


I worry about the direction our Nation is taking, especially when I see other countries.  We just returned from a week long vacation in Ireland.  The country was immaculate.  The people were friendly and welcoming.  I never saw a police officer the entire time I was in Ireland, but everyone felt safe and secure.


Thomas Friedman wrote a book entitled “That Used to be Us”.  Generally, the book compares the way our Nation used to be, the way it is, and the way it should be.    We must all ask ourselves “Are we where we want to be as a Nation?”  If the answer is no (and I think it should be), we must ask ourselves what happened to us?


I think the biggest discriminator is leadership.  Concerned, caring, compassionate leadership.  Leaders who do the right things, for the right reasons.  Leaders who make decisions based on what is right for their Family, their community, their state, and America.


Leaders at all levels can work to turn our Nation around and get us back on track.  It all starts in the home.  Parents must provide leadership to their children.  Teach them respect for people in authority and law enforcement personnel.  Teach them to be good citizens.  Teach them to pick up their trash.


Once we have that foundation as citizens, then we can build on it.  Leaders in churches, communities, corporations can all ensure we are all focused on getting America back the way we want it to be.


It can be done.  Let’s do it.