We as a Nation just celebrated Vietnam Veterans Day.  I hope all of us took the time to thank a Vietnam era Veteran for their service and sacrifice. During the Vietnam era 2.59 million Americans served.  Over 58,000 were killed and over 304,000 were wounded.  75,000 Vietnam Veterans are severely disabled.   Both of my older brothers served in Vietnam, and I am very proud of them.  These are pictures of brother Jim taken during his time in Vietnam.

I do worry that we spend so much time these days thanking our Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans that we downplay the importance of the service of our Vietnam Veterans.  Every time I returned from combat I was greeted by grateful Americans who would stop me on the street and thank me for my service.  That did not happen for our Vietnam Veterans…they literally had to change out of their uniform upon return to the States because they would be harassed by ungrateful Americans.  Let’s correct that and make a point to thank, everyday, all of our Vietnam Veterans and truly welcome them home. Better late than never.