I am currently sitting on a beach in Port Aransas, TX with my wife Sarah, our son Lucas, his wife Erica, and our grandson JW (now 2 ½ years old).


Almost 30 years ago Sarah and I brought our son Lucas down to this very same beach.  Yesterday as I watched Lucas expose his son JW to the wonders of the ocean, I flashed back to when I did the same thing to him 3 decades prior.


What he did with his son is what I did with mine.  He held his hand very tightly as together they walked towards the ocean.  You could tell that JW was unsure about what he was looking at.  It was a lot larger than his bathtub or his Grandpa’s swimming pool.  As JW’s feet first felt the ocean water, his eyes lit up with wonder.  He reached down and grabbed a handful of sand and was immediately enthralled with the experience.  He has officially become a “beach baby.”  As I close my eyes, I see him decades from now doing the same thing with his son.   The cycle of life continues.


The cycle of life is an amazing thing.  As they say “what goes around, comes around”.  The impact of our actions today will be felt for generations to come.  Sometimes we get so busy we don’t think about that, but it is true.  Cherish every moment with your Family, and know that each minute is an investment in the future.