Last week I had the privilege of conducting a Skype session with 4 second grade classes from the Pflugerville Elementary School.  All told, it was about 80 students, our Nation’s future.

We talked about freedom.  I emphasize that freedom wasn’t free, and that American service members (and their Families) are sacrificing a great deal to protect our freedoms and our way of life.  I emphasized the importance of living a life of service to others.

I told them to take the time to thank their teachers.  I believe that the two most important members of our society are our service members who protect our freedoms, and our teachers who build our Nation’s future.  Unfortunately, we as a Nation give those two groups only minimal compensation.  We must constantly express our gratitude.  My hope is that these future leaders grow-up embracing and respecting our teachers and service member, thus shaping the course of a better future.