During our recent trip to Ireland, Sarah and I both worked to find out more about our ancestors.  With names like Lynch and Cockerham (Sarah’s maiden name) we were sure there had to be some connection back to Ireland.  We were not disappointed.

I believe it is important to do that kind of research.  We are all a product of times past.  Each person in our ancestral line had some impact on our lives today.  Merle Haggard’s song said it best with the line “The roots of your raising run deep”.   Why are you the way you are?  Why do you have such fair skin?  Why are your eyes that color?  Why do you have the temperament you do?  The answer lies is some connection to the past.


In today’s internet environment, it is relatively easy to search out your roots.  With a minimal investment in time, there will be a huge payoff.  There are also DNA tests available which will help define your lineage.

When in comes to tracing Irish roots, 35 million Americans have Irish ancestry.   Birth certificates are on the web dating back to 1864.  Both the 1901 and 1911 census records are available.  The information is there, just go get it.  You’ll be glad you did.