I love being an American.  I love our Nation and all it stands for.  I spent 35 years of my life protecting our freedoms and our way of life.


I am concerned about many things, however.  One is that we as a Nation have a short term memory.  Last week was the 14th anniversary of 9/11, and day when we as a Nation were attacked on our very own soil and over 3000 Americans lost their lives.  In many cases, the day passed as just another day.


Many Americans have forgotten that dreadful day.  They seem unaware of the fact that the folks who attacked us on 9/11 are still out there, and they still hate us.  They hate our democracy and our ideals, and they have dedicated their lives to destroy us as a Nation.  The only way we keep that from happening is to continue to take the fight to them.  Stop them in places like Iraq and Afghanistan so they can’t come back to America.


It has been said that vision without resources is hallucination.  The only way we can stop the terrorists is with a strong US Military.  Budget cuts and sequestration are demanding force reductions to unacceptable levels.  We must resource DOD at levels necessary to protect our freedoms.  Our children and their children deserve the same freedoms that our forefathers gave to us. Let’s ensure we provide that to them.