Battlefield lessons applied to today’s corporate environment

A two to three days event with focus on Rick Lynch’s 9 Principles of Adaptive Leadership as outlined in the book “Adapt or Die: Battle Tested Principles for Leaders.”

Lt. Gen. James Longstreet
BG Lewis Armistead
Gen. Robert E. Lee
Gen. George Meade
Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock
Col. Joshua L. Chamberlain
Gen. Richard Ewell
Gen. J.E.B. Stuart
Gen. Daniel Sickles
BG John Buford


In the course of these two to three days event we will conduct a detailed review of the 9 Leadership Principles and an overview of the Battle of Gettysburg at a local hotel.

Leaders Examples

Follow the examples of the leaders and events during the Battle of Gettysburg (July 1863) to amplify the leadership points and principles.

Battlefield Tour

Stop at 6 points on the battlefield and discuss what happened there… what the leaders then did about it and why.

Gettysburg Leadership Tour Details


Lodging at First Class Hotel

Stay at the beautiful Antrim 1844 Hotel, nestled at the foot of the breathtaking Catoctin Moutains, in Taneytown, MD (Central Maryland). All meals are included in your stay.


Cocktail and Dinner

Cocktail hour and dinner the first night with keynote speaker. Dinner for the second night for 3 day tours.

Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast the second day (and third day for 3 day tours) and box lunches for battlefield tour.

Tour Duration Options

  • Two days + one night
  • Three days + two nights

Conference Rooms

Conference room activities to discuss different aspects of adaptive leadership

6 Stops on the Battlefield

6 stops on the Gettysburg battlefield to discuss what the leaders did there in 1863, why they did it, and what can we learn from it

Buses Provided