General Lynch’s leadership lessons come to life against the backdrop of famous battlefield sites where he will teach your team leadership lessons through some of history’s most dramatic successes and failures.

Our journey with him has been powerful... (read more...)

General Lynch has worked closely with my organization and leadership team throughout 2019, and our journey with him has been powerful.

At the outset of the year, he helped our organization take an honest look in the mirror, developing and implementing an engagement survey that unearthed opportunities to improve our culture and ways of working. From there, he guided a series of initiatives to build on our strengths and respond to our shortcomings. In so doing, he served as a mentor to emerging leaders on our team who were tasked with tackling difficult organizational challenges from improving communication to valuing work-life balance to collaborating more effectively. At each stage, General Lynch provided purpose, perspective and guidance (“commander’s intent”) while empowering individual team members to overcome challenges and develop leadership muscles of their own.

As a capstone to this continuous improvement adventure, General Lynch took this team of emerging leaders to Gettysburg – teaching leadership lessons through some of history’s most dramatic successes and failures. Our team was confronted with critical leadership questions: Does your team understand the vision and the goal of the mission? Are you leading from the front or from behind? Are we basing our actions on assumptions or seeking to gain others’ perspectives? Are we only looking forward or are we aware what is happening on our left and right? Against the backdrop of America’s most famous battlefield, these leadership lessons – and their inherent importance – truly came to life.  These lessons did not stay on the battlefield, they were transported back into our organization and put into action immediately.  Today, as I walk around the office checking in on my team, I see and hear many of the leadership principles and language in action.

General Lynch’s program has been an invaluable asset to my organization, demonstrating that leadership is an identity defined by how you show up at work and at home every day. By incorporating his lessons, we have become an even stronger, more accountable team.  He has not only challenged me to grow as a leader but has helped transform my group into a team of leaders.

Edward Feeley
Senior Vice President, Market Access
Bayer Pharmaceuticals

These tours are a great way to inspire our leaders... (read more...)
I have been fortunate to work with General Lynch over the past 3 years focusing on core leadership principles.  His common sense approach with exceptional leadership lessons told through real battle stories paired with his passion for leading people is infectious and immediately puts you in the mindset to lead better, in fact, to just be a better person.  This past year I had the opportunity to go on two tours with General Lynch.   
I commissioned General Lynch and his talented story telling team to run a custom Military leadership tour of Boston (Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill) to help my leadership team learn from past leaders to take us into the future.  We tackled leading through undue negative market forces, brutal prioritization, and talent retention.  It was a great experience, and the team walked away better, more focused leaders learning from that very first shot of the revolutionary war and decisions of those leaders. 
The second tour was in Gettysburg for a much larger cross functional leadership group focused on improving how we work and the challenges that present through collaboration, communication, and workload.  Again, General Lynch and his team did not disappoint, the tour and classroom work customized to tackle our issues helped this group of leaders walk away with supportive concepts based on Civil War lessons to lead better.
These tours are a great way to inspire our leaders.

Ryan Munafo
Vice President, Account Management
Market Access
Bayer HealthCare US

We were dealing with the acquisition of our company ... (read more...)
My team participated in the Gettysburg leadership conference in June, 2019.  We were going through multiple product launches and dealing with the acquisition of our company by a larger one. During the meeting General Lynch led a tour of various battle sites and discussed the leadership challenges experienced by both young and mature leaders during that time.  Our learnings were drawn from the decisions that were made by these leaders and how their experiences apply to what we deal with throughout our business lives.  Throughout the two day workshop, people on my team were able to personally engage with soldiers who have led at the highest levels of our nation’s military.  They learned how important trust and empowerment can be in chaotic environments, while building bonds with each other that will last beyond their current roles.  I highly recommend making the investment in this workshop to any leader of leaders who is committed to developing their people.        
Mike McCarthy
Executive Director, Market Access