I recently was the guest speaker at a high school graduation.  In the 15 mins I had allocated, I wanted to give the graduates some insights as to how they could be successful in life.  I left them with three ideas:


  • Live a life that God will reward. Be nice to folks.  Follow the golden rule.  Always demonstrate honesty and integrity in everything you do.
  • Do every job superbly. Always exceed expectations.  Be the very best in everything you do.  Grow everyday.  Read, study, learn.  Seek out opportunities to better yourself.
  • Be visible and widely known. Ensure your hard work is evident to those around you.  Don’t brag, just let people know what you are doing.  Be connected in life.  Do not withdraw into a social media vacuum.  Talk to people.  Enjoy each other’s company.


Obviously there is more to being successful than just these three things, but I didn’t want to overwhelm them….and they were kind of anxious to get on with the graduation.   It was an honor to be in their presence.