We all have so very much to be thankful for.  We must take the time this Thanksgiving to pause and reflect on what those things are, and give thanks.  Sometimes it’s easy to feel sorry for ourselves.  Maybe things are not going exactly the way we would like them to, but that is life.  Let’s concentrate, at least for one day, on the good things we have and should be thankful for.  And let’s dedicate ourselves to helping those less fortunate.


We should all be thankful that we live in America.  With all the problems we are having today, we still live in a free society.  We can express our opinion, worship where we want, vote for who we want…. all the things guaranteed in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  Many folks take those freedoms for granted.  Sarah and I had many opportunities to be with folks who weren’t always free.  We were there in the Fulda gap when the Warsaw Pact crumbled and the wall came crashing down.   The East Germans fled to freedom, and were very clear what it was like before they were free.  I wish all Americans had that opportunity.  Freedom isn’t free.


We should all be thankful for our Family and friends.  Sometimes we take them for granted.  We get so busy we don’t take the time to tell them that we appreciate them, and love them.  I know it is not always perfect.  At times, there are points of friction.  Someone said something hurtful, did something wrong.  Let’s try and get past that at least for one day.


We should all be thankful for our health.  There may be sickness, hospital stays, etc. but at least we are still breathing.  As they say, at least we are above ground.  We should cherish every breath we take.


We should all dedicate ourselves to helping others less fortunate.  Too many times we just pass by the folks who truly need our help.  They are hungry, homeless, unemployed.  Let’s try to help them, one person at a time.  It’s like the young boy on the beach saving starfish.  An old guy stops and asks the youngster “What are you doing?”  The young boy replies, “I am saving starfish”.  The old guy retorts, “ There are thousands of starfish on the beach and you can’t save them all”.  The young boy reaches over, picks up a starfish, throws it in the water and says “No, but I can save that one.”


Happy Thanksgiving!  Psalm 118:1 Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.