My healing continues.  Entering week #4 of the healing process.  Will be able to start putting pressure on the foot in a couple of weeks and then start rehab.

There is a blessing in the fact that I now have more time to think.  Less hustling and running around…more time stopping and thinking.  One of the things on my mind routinely these days gratefulness.  Perfect example is being able to walk.   For 63 years I have taken mobility for granted.  Got up every day, put my feet on the ground, and start walking.  Now I find myself envious of those who can walk, and dreaming of the time when I will walk again.

There is a lesson in all of this.  Pause each day and count your blessings.  Cherish them and be grateful for them.  And, don’t make the assumption that you will always have them…because you may not.