I am confused.  We just finished Thanksgiving,  a time when we as Americans supposedly express our thanks for all that we have….family, friends, good health, prosperity, etc.  Then we went into a frenzied cycle of spending….Black Friday (that actually started on Thanksgiving evening), Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday (that turned into  Cyber Week in some cases).  Then finally we celebrated “National Giving Tuesday”.


What is wrong with this picture?  Don’t we have it backwards?  Shouldn’t we give first….and then spend?  It would seem to me that we should give thanks on thanksgiving….and then give to those folks less fortunate than us.


I recently gave a high school commencement address.  I told the graduating seniors that I hoped that they woud be successful, but for the right reasons.  I hoped that they would be successful because (1) they would reach positions where they could touch more lives and be more influential, and (2) that they would be in a position where they could give back of their time, talent and treasures to those in need.


Every day should be “giving day”.  Every day we should be thankful for what we have, and give to those less fortunate.  Again, it doesn’t have to be money.  It can just be your time and your talent.


The need is evident across our country.  We see folks without shelter, without food, without adequate clothing.  Let’s make it a point to fix that, one person at a time.