I believe that there is strength in diversity.  We as a society should embrace diversity, and not shrink away from it.  Celebrating diversity provides for an environment where many different thoughts and ideas come into play.  When I visit with corporate and community leaders across the Nation, I am always looking closely at their “inner circle”, the folks closest to them.  If those folks look just like the leader it is an indication of a potential problem.  There is a lack of diversity.


On a larger scale, I continue to find myself worried about the future of our Nation. Unfortunately, there are elements in our society who want to emphasize divisiveness over diversity.  They want to drive a wedge between us.  I saw this in Iraq during my service there.  Folks there committed specific acts of terror to inflame tension between the Iraqi Shias and Sunnis.   We can’t allow that to happen here the United States of America


I argue continuously that families, communities and organizations should celebrate diversity.  They must move beyond simple tolerance and truly embrace and celebrate different races, genders, religious beliefs, etc.  If they do that, everyone will flourish.  All indicators of success will dramatically improve.   We will be exponentially more effective.  The US Military is a case in point.


In 1948  President Truman issued an executive order that it was his policy that all members of the armed services of the United States be given equal opportunities regardless of race, religion, color, or source of national origin.  Today the US Armed Forces celebrate diversity.  We embrace the concept that different folks bring different strengths to the table.   We judge a person not based on their color, but on their character, competence, and contributions.   We are far from perfect, but we in the military are quantum leaps above the rest of society when it comes to celebrating diversity.


Why can’t we as a Nation do that?  Why is it necessary to stereotype someone based on his or her color or religion?  Why can’t we celebrate the differences, and use everyone’s contribution to improve our society and make America better place for all to live and flourish?  It can and must be done.


The solution to this problem will not be found in Washington DC, but rather in our own homes and communities.  Let’s look closely at how we are living our lives, make appropriate changes, and truly embrace and celebrate diversity.  Let’s demonstrate, daily, the importance of being a welcoming society.  Let’s become lifestyle evangelists when it comes to embracing diversity. Our children and their children will thank us for that.