On our recent vacation to Ireland, Sarah and I were relaxing.  I was out on the balcony doing my thing….drinking a whiskey, smoking a cigar, and reading a book entitled Rescuing Riley, Saving Myself by Zachary Anderegg.   This particular book is about a dog that had been cruelly abandoned and about a young man who was working to rescue to dog….and putting his own life at risk.

Right when I got to the part in the book about the rescue attempt, I looked down from our 3rd floor balcony and saw a young dog looking up at me.   The dog apparently was either a stray or had ran away from his owners…but he was surely all alone.  It sure seemed like much more than a coincidence!  We ensure that the dog was taken care of.  In fact, one of the employees at the hotel actually adopted the dog and took it home with her.

Why are people cruel to animals?  I don’t understand.  They are living beings and deserve to be treated humanely.  We must always be kind to animals as humankind.   It is always depressing to me when I see animals being mistreated.  That is such a shame.

We have always had Labradors.  We currently have two chocolate labs (Maggie and Bailey).  They give us so much peace and joy and are a true blessing to the Lynch Family.  I can’t imagine ever mistreating them.  As I write this, they are at my feet just happy to be there…and waiting on me to get up and make them breakfast.

Let’s all make it a point to consciously be kind to animals that cross our paths.  It takes a little effort, but has huge payoff in terms of just feeling good about ourselves.