I continue to listen and learn during my recovery period from my broken ankle. Everyday things become clearer to me, probably because now I am taking the time to think…rather than just rushing to my next event. I have realized that a major piece of my therapy, in addition to my Family and Friends, are my dogs…two Labs named Bailey and Jolene. I have heard about animal therapy before, but this is the first time I have experienced it first hand.

The dogs give me unconditional love. They are accepting, comforting, and non judgmental. Being around them reduces stress and anxiety. They are great listeners (especially when I have a treat in my hand) and don’t ask any questions. They seem to agree with everything I say. They are always at my side. They have been extremely helpful in my recovery.

Animal therapy has been proven to do things like reduce heart rate and lower blood pressure. There are folks out there that could benefit from animal therapy, but don’t have access to the animals. Folks with PTSD, ADHD, etc have been known to improve in the company of therapy dogs. Elderly folks could clearly benefit as well. Let’s do what we can to help this situation. Just google “animal therapy” and you’ll find many ways to assist.