I tell folks in my public presentations that if they slept well last night, they are not paying attention.  We are a Nation at risk.  We are at risk from both external and internal threats.


Externally we have threats from terrorist organizations like ISIS and Al Qaeda.  We have Russia trying to reestablish it’s dominance, and Iran working to get a nuclear weapon over time.


Internally we have threats from domestic terrorists, as evidenced by the recent attack on the recruiting station in Chattanooga, TN.  We also have folks trying to divide our country along racial lines, and folks advocating disrespect to law enforcement personnel.  It’s all very scary.


We must get our Nation back on track.  The key is electing folks to positions that have the best interests of America in their hearts.  We need decision makers who always ask the question:  “What is best for America”, as opposed to what is best for them or their political party.


Let’s commit to carefully studying the candidates for public office.  Let’s be an informed electorate that is not easily swayed by the media or by unobtainable promises.


We can, and must, fix this.   There is no guarantee that the freedoms we enjoy today as a Nation will be there for generations to come. We owe it to our grandkids to get this right.