Shaping Future Leaders Between Recess and Show & Tell

Last week I had the privilege of conducting a Skype session with 4 second grade classes from the Pflugerville Elementary School.  All told, it was about 80 students, our Nation's future. We talked about freedom.  I emphasize that freedom wasn't free, and that American service members (and their Families) are sacrificing a great deal to protect our freedoms and our way of life.  I emphasized the importance of living a life of service to others. I told them to take the time to thank their teachers.  I believe that the two most important members of our society are our service members who protect our freedoms, and our teachers who build our Nation's future.  Unfortunately, we as a Nation give those two groups only minimal compensation.  We must constantly express our gratitude.  My hope is that these future leaders grow-up embracing and respecting our teachers and service member, thus shaping the course of

Serve and Protect

My favorite book is A Life God Rewards, by Bruce Wilkinson.  In it the author highlights the fact that it isn’t about the money you make or the position you attain, but rather about the people you touch.  It is about service to others.  There are many ways individuals can serve others.  I served in the US Army for 35 years.  Clergy, fire fighters, government officials are all other examples of careers of service, as is law enforcement. Across our Nation there are over 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers, 12% of which are female.  These are America heroes who have sworn to dedicate their lives to serve and protect others.  We must appreciate them and never take them for granted.   Our police forces across the Nation put their lives on the line, everyday, to keep us safe.  Without them, we would have a lawless society.  We would be afraid for our

The New Leadership in Pharma: An Interview with Rick Lynch, Former U.S. Army General

It was my pleasure speaking with the good folks at Verix.  Verix is a business intelligence software company that focuses on providing business intelligence analysis software applicable to all industries,  but focuses on life science and pharmaceuticals.  Verix services global Fortune 100 companies.  Please read the article below where I answer the pressing question...... What is the one leadership tip out of the “9 ways to lead” that you would pick as most powerful for Pharma

Thanks Again, Plains All American Pipeline

General Rick Lynch recently spoke to 200 leaders from our Operations group.  He engaged the audience very well, using examples from our business that demonstrated he had taken the time to learn about the company.  He connected with the audience and quietly but powerfully conveyed his leadership principles.  It was a wonderful learning experience delivered by a great leader who clearly cares a great deal for others.  - Plains All American

Houston Speech to Plains All American Pipeline, LP

This past week I spoke to 300 junior and senior leaders from Plains All American Pipeline, LP.  We focused on improving communications and performance appraisals & counseling. Plains All American Pipeline, LP is a $23B company.  They manage 18,000 miles of pipeline in 42 states, Pumping 3.9 million barrels of crude oil and natural gas daily.   Great folks, in a great organization, doing great work! Sarah and I signed books after the speech.  It was such a

On Point: Targeting America’s Misperception of War

A few weeks ago, I went to see American Sniper with my son-in-law.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I found the movie to be an accurate reflection of what we went thru as we tried to give the people of Iraq the opportunity to pursue freedom from fear.  There are over 16 million Iraqi people. They want what we want:  to be able to send their kids to school, have medical care, be able to provide for their Family, etc.  We tried to provide that for them.   I recommend that the American public go see the movie.  Less than 1% of the American public serve our Nation in uniform, but we all enjoy the freedoms provided by that select few.  76% of the American public say they have no idea what our Veterans are going thru.  Seeing this movie will help with that.   I don’t consider the movie to be
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