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LTG (R) Rick Lynch’s first book on adaptive leadership, “Adapt or Die, Leadership Principles of an American General”is the culmination of  lessons learned in leadership from 35 years in the Army and 4 years at West Point.  The book teaches readers the 9 principles of adaptive leadership while focusing on Faith and Family.  The lessons taught emphasize how to lead under difficult, changing circumstances which translate to any sort of environment- corporate, military, educational, recreational or philanthropic.

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LTG (R) Rick Lynch shares his thirty plus years of experience that proved to him the power of faith in action.  Bolstered by history and backed by the Bible, Work Hard, Pray Hard explores seven steps that will put the true power of faith into action, in your life, every day.   The book is available for pre-order on

Adapt or Die Endorsements

Have you raised your leadership awareness lately?  If leadership can be learned, and I believe this with all my heart and soul, then you can increase your leadership awareness by reading Rick Lynch’s new book Adapt or Die.  In business, government and the military good leaders are vital and always in short supply.  Adapt or Die expresses timeless lessons to successfully lead any organization.  Rick Lynch is a consummate leader – a decorated US Army officer who led the 25,000 Soldiers of the 3d Infantry Division in combat in Iraq’s Triangle of Death and rose to the rank of Lieutenant General.  He is also an excellent writer and the compelling leadership stories in Adapt or Die will provide you food for thought regardless your job or mission in life.  Rick tells stories of good leadership and lessons-learned from bad leaders.  His “just do it” approach is what the best companies do through iterative development and what good leaders have done throughout history. His message is clear – people are every organizations most vital resource and the most “brilliant software” of any team.  Treat people right, impel them to succeed, and they will adapt.  Fail to take care of your people and your organization will be incapable of adapting.  His “family first” and “people centric” policies as the commanding officer of Fort Hood are examples of adapting in the face of intense challenge and are similar to policies used at American’s best high-tech companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, Riverbed Technology and Dropbox. Rick emphasizes that most people get their information second-hand — from the Internet or from briefings.  Effective leaders take time to raise their situation awareness by going to the action and talking to their people.  His lesson about asking the most important questions is particularly important for business:  1. “Are we doing the right things?” 2. “Are we doing things right?” 3. “What are we missing?”  From learning how to hold a meeting to impelling people to accomplish an “impossible” task, the nine leadership principles in Adapt or Die are poignant and powerful.  Rick Lynch is the real thing – a leader of courage who has faced the fire multiple times and come out stronger. If you have one book to read this fall, read Adapt or DieJohn Antal, Colonel, US Army (Retired)


“We had to change. We had to adapt. We had to find new opportunities”.  That describes Rick Lynch commanding in Iraq during the ‘Surge”.  But it could be any of us leaders anywhere.  We all have to adapt.  This is a superb book on leadership written by a thoughtful, courageous, and authentic leader himself.  As wise, practical, and inspiring as any I have ever seen.  Fred M. Franks, General, US Army (Retired)

Adapt or Die is an inspiring story of the lessons learned about faith, life and leadership from one of America’s great soldiers.  General Lynch’s enduring principles and practical insights will help people from all walks of life turn work and family obstacles into opportunities for success.  Former U.S. Congressman Chet Edwards (Texas 17th District, 1991 – 2010)

General Lynch is a great American hero.  He’s led our troops in battle and he’s managed our bases for thousands of military families around the world.  He’s got insights into leadership and taking care of people that are great lessons for leaders of any organization.  He makes a compelling case for leaders to constantly improve and adapt their organizations.  He also shows how it’s really all about people.  His mantra of “touching lives and making a difference” should speak to leaders of all types of organizations.  A must read for any student of leaders.  Craig Boyan, Chief Operating Officer, HEB

General Lynch offers a rare and powerful perspective on leadership.  Not only is he a proven leader through his experiences as a US Army General, but he is a natural leader from his innate understanding of and care for people.  Jorgen Pedersen, President and CEO, RE2, Inc

This book deserves a place on the shelf of contemporary leadership tomes.  A personal tour through an exciting life as a soldier, it will provoke an interesting self-analysis in those who have led or want to lead.  Walter F. Ulmer, Jr.  Lt. Gen, US Army (Retired). Former President and CEO, Center for Creative Leadership

Rick personifies what leadership is all about.  He has a way of communicating how to lead through strength, compassion, and most of all integrity! No matter if you lead a corporation, a small business, a non-profit, or an academic institution, Rick’s principles will guide you to success.  Doug Harward, CEO and Founder,

Hard hitting, straight forward, Rick Lynch captures a lifetime of lessons learned from a very distinguished military career—invaluable for corporate and military leaders alike.  Ben Griffin, General, US Army (Retired)

With boldness and candor, Rick Lynch relates his own experiences (some life threatening) from a distinguished US Army career to illustrate essential leadership principles for all of us.  General Lynch is an authentic American hero, yet he writes with a common touch.  He demonstrates a deep understanding of how to be a leader and to live a full, balanced life.  James D. Spaniolo, President, University of Texas at Arlington

I personally have experienced the wonderful impact of Rick and this stories.  He will touch all of your emotions.  Most importantly, you will leave feeling more prepared and motivated to lead yourself, your team, and your organization.  Al Triunfo, Vice President, Sales and Operations, MEDA Pharmaceuticals

Leadership is what we desperately need yet not an innate trait.  Fortunately, it can be learned and we have LTG Rick Lynch to teach us.  From the heartland of America to the distant ramparts of Iraq, Lynch has learned the importance of leadership to our Republic and how to share his gift with others.  This book is more than the fascinating journey of an accomplished American Patriot.  It is a guide for for us all on how to lead and how to live.  Dr. J.D. Crouch II, former Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor

This book deserves a look as an example of how one aggressive general officer sees his profession, himself, and his responsibilities.  It is a candid, straightforward review of the challenge and response of a military leader in today’s complex environment.  John C. (Doc) Bahnsen, Brigadier General, US Army (Retired)

Corporate America has created the  “Chief People Officer” title in stand of the traditional VP of Human Resource title- however very little has changed in the underlying way that most organizations treat their employees-this title change is simply lipstick on the pig!  General Lynch gives pragmatic examples of how investing and trusting your employees can and does lead to significant productivity and morale changes.  Adapt or Die is a must read for anyone that has been blessed with people responsibility or for those who aspire to lead effectively.  Bob Jansen, President and CEO, Zensights

General Lynch’s book Adapt or Die is a wonderful reflection of the importance of truly caring for people in a very emotional and deeply connected way.  I have worked with Rick in helping take care of our Soldiers and their Families during these difficult times, and the leadership principles listed in this book are an invaluable guide on how to accomplish that goal.  Those principles apply not only in the military, but also in corporate America, in academia, and even in the entertainment industry.  Gary Sinise, Actor and Founder of the Gary Sinise Foundation

Adapt or Die is an invaluable addition to a leadership library and can truly help people who strive to be leaders and do it in the Godly way.  General Lynch shows us how he leaned on God throughout his career, especially in difficult circumstances, and how that relationship was a source of strength for him.  I wish I could have read this book 40 years ago.  Dan Wallrath, President / Founder of Operation Finally Home

Three Cheers for Adapt or Die!  General Lynch shows us that leadership is not just a matter of the head, but of the heart; not just an acquired skill, but a gift bestowed.  With accuracy, detail and precision, Ricky Lynch hands his reader a magnifying glass allowing us to peer upon the essential qualities of a caring, effective, passionate and successful leader. Reverend Dr. Russell J. Levenson, Jr., Rector, St. Martin’s Episcopal Church

An inspiring book by one of our Nation’s premier strategic and spiritual leaders.  Having achieved success as a military professional at every level of the Army’s organizational structure, General Rick Lynch’s valuable and practical leadership principles captured in this volume should be required reading for an organization’s entire management team- no matter the position or level.  Quite simply, this might be one of the most positive, candid, and encouraging books I’ve read on leadership in recent years!  Truly an invaluable resource for those wanting to take their effectiveness as a great, adaptive leader to the next level.  Chaplain (Major General) Doug Carver, U.S. Army (Retired), 22nd Army Chief of Chaplains



LTG (R) Rick & Sarah Lynch at a recent book signing
LTG (R) Rick & Sarah Lynch at a recent book signing

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