Lessons learned…

Thanks for all the well wishes for the healing of my left foot. Much appreciated. Doctor says the wound is healing nicely. Lying on my back with my foot elevated gives me lots of time to think. It is ironic that I am in this situation...I should have paid attention to my own speeches and workshops. I learned as a leader to only do those things that only you can do. Someone else could have cut down that tree. I tell my audiences to develop a list of tasks that then prioritize that list using the Eisenhower Box method (based on what is urgent and what is important). Cutting down that tree was neither urgent, nor important...but I did it anyway. I will definitely be more deliberate in the future as to how I spend my time. Lying on my back all day also gives me more time to pray

God’s Plan

This past Monday I was excited about my six week plan. I had trips scheduled, speeches to make, workshops to conduct.  It was going to be a very intense, but very enjoyable period.  That was my plan. I decided to get some exercise Monday AM by cutting down a dead tree on the ranch with my son-in-law David.  We had notched the tree to ensure it fell the direction we wanted it to, and I was making the final cut when the tree fell straight down...onto my left foot.  The bones were severely fractured and the ankle was dislocated.  Emergency surgery by a wonderful orthopedic surgeon (Dr Eric Grenier) and my foot was put back together. Now, for the next six weeks, I have to keep my foot elevated and not put any pressure on it.  This was God's plan.  No trips, no speeches, no workshops. Woody Allen says If

We are a Nation at risk.

We are a Nation at risk. We have external threats (Russia, North Korea, China, ISIS) and internal threats (domestic terrorism, divisive people, lack of respect for law enforcement personnel). The only way we as a Nation can get thru these difficult times is by concerned, caring, compassionate and adaptive leadership at all levels...from the Family all the way up to the Nation's capital. Let's commit to working hard in 2019 to be better and more adaptive leaders. Our Nation's future depends on it. I highlight 9 principles in my book Adapt or Die: Battle Tested Principles for Leaders that might be of use to you. Let me know how I can
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