The Importance of Being Humble

“I’m worried.”   That seems to be the overwhelming sentiment of the day, and rightfully so. Our Nation is at risk. We are concerned, justifiably, about North Korea, Russia, Iran, ISIS, and many other external threats that are amplified hourly by the national media.  In addition, we face the internal threats of domestic terrorists, divisive people trying to divide our nation, and sometimes shocking lack of respect for our nation’s first responders.   But none of that is what worries me most right now. What worries me most is the way our nation’s leaders are behaving in the face of all of these threats.   Every day we see examples of our nation’s leaders acting less than humble, and as a longtime leader myself, that is what worries me. I know from experience—bolstered by the great lessons of history, and of my faith—that great leaders, strong leaders, leaders who actually accomplish positive things in the

Wrestle With Pigs

I find myself amazed every day with how our National leadership is engaging with a “war of words” on the international stage.   I don’t think that is useful or productive.   I learned many years ago that two things happen when you wrestle with pigs: you get dirty and the pig enjoys it.  Unfortunately that is what is happening now in our dialogue with the North Korean leadership.  We are knee deep in the muck wrestling with him.   Our National leaders must show restraint in how they respond to his bellicose statements.  We must “rise above the fray”.  We must be careful with our words.  Words matter, and have serious consequences.   Just because he makes some silly statement doesn’t mean that we have to respond kind.  As always, we should consider the source prior to responding.   I have also learned that the higher up you go in an organizations the more carefully you must
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