What Happened to Us?

Sarah and I travel a lot, both inside and outside the US. The trips allow us the opportunity to see things outside of our own community, and I am not sure I like what I see.   I worry about the direction our Nation is taking, especially when I see other countries.  We just returned from a week long vacation in Ireland.  The country was immaculate.  The people were friendly and welcoming.  I never saw a police officer the entire time I was in Ireland, but everyone felt safe and secure.   Thomas Friedman wrote a book entitled “That Used to be Us”.  Generally, the book compares the way our Nation used to be, the way it is, and the way it should be.    We must all ask ourselves “Are we where we want to be as a Nation?”  If the answer is no (and I think it should be), we must ask

Think Before You Speak

It is amazing to me how many folks in senior positions get themselves in touble because they don’t take the time to think before they speak.  It’s like they can’t help themselves.  In the words of Plato” “Wise men speak because they have something to say, fools because they have to say something.”   I like the acronym THINK.   Analyze what you are going to say, before you say it.  Is it True?  Is it Helpful?  Is it Inspiring? Is it Necessary? It is Kind?   If we would all just take the time to ask and answer those questions…..and then act appropriately, we would have a better world.   A lot of what we hear senior leaders saying these days is just downright inflammatory.  I am not sure if they are saying it just to get press coverage, or spark conversation….but it is just plain wrong.   Let’s all pause and remember the words of

A Nation at Risk

I tell folks in my public presentations that if they slept well last night, they are not paying attention.  We are a Nation at risk.  We are at risk from both external and internal threats.   Externally we have threats from terrorist organizations like ISIS and Al Qaeda.  We have Russia trying to reestablish it’s dominance, and Iran working to get a nuclear weapon over time.   Internally we have threats from domestic terrorists, as evidenced by the recent attack on the recruiting station in Chattanooga, TN.  We also have folks trying to divide our country along racial lines, and folks advocating disrespect to law enforcement personnel.  It’s all very scary.   We must get our Nation back on track.  The key is electing folks to positions that have the best interests of America in their hearts.  We need decision makers who always ask the question:  “What is best for America”, as opposed to what

What is Truly Important

  At 9:27am Thursday, 16 July Sarah and I were blessed with the birth of our 2nd grandson, Rex Tyler Lynch.  Both Erica (our daughter in law) and Rex are doing great.  This is God’s true blessing.   Times like this make one pause and think about what is truly important in life.  Here, as of this AM, is a brand new human being that God has entrusted to our care.  My son, Lucas and his wife Erica now have a whole new set of extremely important responsibilities.  In addition to raising their first son, JW (now 2 ½ years old) they now have Rex Tyler to raise and care for.   We are blessed in that we all live close together.   Sarah and I are only 30 mins from Lucas and Erica.  Our daughter, Susan and her husband David also live nearby.  We as a Family can help whenever necessary.   I can’t think of

What to do with 7 hours?

  I am convinced the difference between an extremely successful individual (or organization) and a moderately successful one is time management.  It is possible to “do it all” if you simply manage your time.   I have always advocated a 15 /7/2 approach.  Think about it.  You need 7 hours sleep a night, and you should spend at least 2 hours per day on your physical health and well being (exercising, etc).  That leaves 15 hours each day to do whatever you want to do.   Assuming you have a normal job, you are probably working 8 of those hours.  OK…that still leaves 7 hours.  You can do a whole lot in 7 hours.  You can pursue a hobby, spend time with Family and friends, or work on improving yourself by reading / studying.   What I see is lots of folks spending those 7 hours “vegetating”.  They get stuck in TV, or social media, and

Be Kind to Animals

  On our recent vacation to Ireland, Sarah and I were relaxing.  I was out on the balcony doing my thing….drinking a whiskey, smoking a cigar, and reading a book entitled Rescuing Riley, Saving Myself by Zachary Anderegg.   This particular book is about a dog that had been cruelly abandoned and about a young man who was working to rescue to dog….and putting his own life at risk.   Right when I got to the part in the book about the rescue attempt, I looked down from our 3rd floor balcony and saw a young dog looking up at me.   The dog apparently was either a stray or had ran away from his owners…but he was surely all alone.  It sure seemed like much more than a coincidence!  We ensure that the dog was taken care of.  In fact, one of the employees at the hotel actually adopted the dog and took

Take Time to Relax

On a recent vacation to Ireland,  Sarah and I were part of a 7 day programmed tour.  The tour operator had decided to make day 4 a “free day” to allow the folks on the tour to do whatever they wanted on that particular day.   Many folks scheduled something else to do.  They participated in additional trips and tours.  Sarah and I opted to do nothing but “relax”.  Sarah got a massage.  I went for a swim and a workout.   We had a nice lunch together, then I found myself with a book in one hand, a cigar in the other, and a glass of fine whiskey by my side.   We are sure glad we did.  The “relax” day at the mid point of the tour was exactly what we needed.  We were rested for the remainder of the tour, and we didn’t come back from vacation in need of a

Roots of Your Raising Run Deep

During our recent trip to Ireland, Sarah and I both worked to find out more about our ancestors.  With names like Lynch and Cockerham (Sarah’s maiden name) we were sure there had to be some connection back to Ireland.  We were not disappointed.   I believe it is important to do that kind of research.  We are all a product of times past.  Each person in our ancestral line had some impact on our lives today.  Merle Haggard’s song said it best with the line “The roots of your raising run deep”.   Why are you the way you are?  Why do you have such fair skin?  Why are your eyes that color?  Why do you have the temperament you do?  The answer lies is some connection to the past.   In today’s internet environment, it is relatively easy to search out your roots.  With a minimal investment in time, there will be a

The True Meaning of Independence Day

As we pause to celebrate Independence Day this month, let’s ensure we focus on the right things.  Over time, 4th of July celebrations have become all about BBQ and festivities, without really thinking about what it means to be free.   Freedom isn’t free, and someone is always paying the price.  Let’s remember that this Independence Day.   Sarah and I have had the experience of being with folks who weren’t always free.  We were there in the Fulda Gap in Germany when the Warsaw Pact crumbled in 1989 and the East Germans experienced freedom for the first time.  I was there in Kuwait during Desert Shield and Desert Storm when we liberated the Kuwait’s from the oppressive regime of Saddam Hussein, and then in Iraq when we attempting to provide the Iraq people the opportunity to be free.   In each and every case, they cherished freedom because they knew what it was
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