The Danger of Stereotypes

I don’t understand why we as a Nation tend to stereotype groups based on the actions of individuals. A perfect example is what is going on now with our approach to law enforcement personnel. If some police officer does the wrong thing, we immediately assume that all police officers are suspect. That is just plain wrong. In every group in our society there are some “bad apples”. Some folks will inevitably do the wrong thing for the wrong reasons. The law enforcement community is not immune to that (nor are politicians, athletes, educators, military, etc). People do stupid stuff. What we shouldn’t do is label an entire group based on the actions of one individual. If an individual does something bad, focus on him. Take appropriate actions against him. Do not paint the entire group with the same paint brush that you paint that one individual. Let’s stop labeling people. Stereotypes not

The Source of Strength and Courage

We all need help.  We need strength, courage to do the things that need to be done on a daily basis.  There are many sources for that strength and courage.  I get mine from my relationship with God.  In Joshua 1:9 it is written Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go   Knowing that God is with us wherever we go is an amazing  source of strength.  Many times throughout my military career I was tasked to perform something that was very dangerous, but I could do it without fear knowing that God would be with me.   During Desert Shield and Desert Storm, I was the Executive Officer of a Cavalry Regiment.  We were stationed in Doha, Kuwait and were the last American presence in Kuwait.  Everyone else had returned

How to be Successful

I recently was the guest speaker at a high school graduation.  In the 15 mins I had allocated, I wanted to give the graduates some insights as to how they could be successful in life.  I left them with three ideas:   Live a life that God will reward. Be nice to folks.  Follow the golden rule.  Always demonstrate honesty and integrity in everything you do. Do every job superbly. Always exceed expectations.  Be the very best in everything you do.  Grow everyday.  Read, study, learn.  Seek out opportunities to better yourself. Be visible and widely known. Ensure your hard work is evident to those around you.  Don’t brag, just let people know what you are doing.  Be connected in life.  Do not withdraw into a social media vacuum.  Talk to people.  Enjoy each other’s company.   Obviously there is more to being successful than just these three things, but I didn’t want to overwhelm

Celebrate Diversity

  I continue to find myself worried about the future of our Nation.  The current situation in Ferguson, Missouri and other parts of our country is of great concern. Unfortunately, there are elements in our society who want to emphasize divisiveness over diversity.  They want to drive a wedge between us.  I saw this in Iraq during my service there.  Folks there committed specific acts of terror to inflame tension between the Iraqi Shias and Sunnis.   We can’t allow that to happen here the United States of America   I argue continuously that families, communities and organizations should celebrate diversity.  They must move beyond simple tolerance and truly embrace and celebrate diversity.  If they do that, everyone will flourish.  All indicators of success will dramatically improve.   We will be exponentially more effective.  The US Military is a case in point.   In 1948  President Truman issued an executive order that it was his policy

Gary Sinise Foundation Gives Back

Sarah and I were with Gary Sinise last week as we presented a mortgage free home to GySgt (R) Guillermo Tejada (double amputee) as part of Gary Sinise Foundation / HEB activities.  Such an inspiration to be around such a selfless servant as Gary, and a true American hero as

Service to Others

  My favorite book is entitled A Life God Rewards, by Bruce Wilkinson.   In the book the author contends that God really doesn’t care about how many stars you wear (in my case), or how much money you make….He cares about the number of people you touch. I am convinced we would have a better Nation if everyone made it a point to serve others.  Today, less that 1% of the American public serve our Nation in uniform, but we all enjoy the freedoms provided by those select few.  That’s service. Of note, you don’t have to be in the US Military to serve others.  There are many professions (medical, education, law enforcement, clergy, etc) in which folks make a remarkable contribution to society, and they should also be commended.  That’s service as well. I tell folks in my public presentations that the most important piece of furniture in their homes is their
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