All Leaders Raise Your Hands

I am convinced that everyone is a leader in some capacity, whether it is in the home, the church, the community, or the corporation.  In my public presentations I always ask for a show of hands as to who is a leader, and less than 10% of the audience raises their hands.  Folks must acknowledge that they are a leader, and they should always strive to be the best leader they can be.  Our Nation’s future depends on it.  It is important to our Families, to our Community, and to our Nation that we all become effective, adaptive leaders.   I believe that a major characteristic of an effective, adaptive leader is a positive attitude.  In my book, Adapt or Die: Leadership Principles from an American General I take 35 years in the Army and 4 years at West Point and condensed it down to nine leadership principles with a focus

Operation Finally Home

Sarah and I are on the Board of Directors for Operation Finally Home, a non profit that builds mortgage free homes for America's heroes.  We just returned from their semi-annual board meeting.  Over the past 10 years, OFH has built 78 homes, and has another 75 homes either under construction or in the permit and planning stages. We as a Nation have a duty to help these American Heroes and their Families.  Let's work together to do all we

Book Review

I am honored at the kudos my book recently received in a book review of Army Magazine.   MAY REVIEWS Lessons From a Lifetime of Leadership By Lt. Col. James Jay Carafano, U.S. Army retired Adapt or Die: Leadership Principles From an American General. Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch, U.S. Army retired. Baker Books. 233 pages. $22.99 - See more at: After centuries of attempting to decipher leadership like decoding a strand of DNA, it’s time to admit all that time might just have been wasted. Reading retired Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch’s Adapt or Die makes a case for getting back to learning to lead the old-fashioned way: by studying people who lead. In the Western world, from the time of Thucydides until the age of Voltaire, the essence of learning leadership was studying leaders, individuals of both virtue and substance. Today, that seems hopelessly antiquated. After three centuries of trying to deconstruct the secret sauce of
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